Our story

The origins of MiL Ponts go back to 2009, when Lucie Pacho Aljanati founded Traducciones Especializadas, a translation agency focused on companies and law firms. 

In 2020, Marcela Nicolao Forastieri joined the team, bringing with her more than 10 years’ experience in multilingual communication and conference interpreting.  In this search for synergies, they adopted the new name MiL Ponts.

In this way, the structure of MiL Ponts allows the knowledge and specialities of each of its members to be pooled, which translates into the possibility of providing quality language services, aimed at both individuals and companies, both nationally and internationally.

Lucie Pacho Aljanati​

Expert in legal and economic translation

Co-founder of MiL Ponts and head of the translation department.


PhD in International Relations and European Integration (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and in Translation Studies (University of Geneva).

She has been working as a legal-economic translator since 2009. Her professional experience in translation has been in international and cross-cultural environments. She has worked in the field of multilingual communication in Argentina, England, Spain, Germany, France and Switzerland, which has allowed her to fine tune her language skills and get to know different cultures. 

She is aware that in order to produce quality legal translations it is not enough to have an excellent command of the working languages; it is also necessary to know the different cultures and, above all, the different legal systems. Her dual training in translation and law enables her to translate from a comparative law perspective. 

She collaborates with the Pompeu Fabra University as a lecturer in legal and economic translation.


Marcela Nicolao Forastieri​

Expert in conference interpreting

Co-founder of Mil Ponts and head of the interpreting department

Interpreting requires a thorough knowledge of the working languages, as well as a keen interest in culture and general knowledge. Thanks to her bilingual education, she is fluent in Spanish and English. Her interest in languages led her to study Portuguese, French and Catalan as well. She has lived and studied in Argentina, England, France and currently lives in Barcelona. Speaking different languages is part of her daily life, both in her personal and professional life. 

She has been working professionally in the field of multilingual communication for more than 10 years. Communication is her life. She enjoys being able to offer a service of quality and excellence in order to create a linguistic and cultural bridge between people who do not speak the same language. 

She offers conference interpreting solutions in both traditional and adapted to new technologies.